WITT Energy

The challenge:

WITT Energy Ltd is the developer of a unique, patent granted innovative transmission system capable of capturing naturally occurring motional energy in any direction from water, wind, vehicle and even people, and converting it into electricity.

The ‘WITT’ (Whatever Input to Torsion Transfer) has particular benefits in the marine sector with potential applications ranging from lighting navigational buoys to GPS systems and the charging of batteries on boats even when moored.

Having established that the technology worked and recognised its potential application in several different environments, the company needed help in accessing the knowledge, contacts and finance needed to take the WITT to the next stage. The directors approached SWMAS for support.

SWMAS action:

SWMAS, through its Product Development Centre (PDC) project, which is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) (2007-2013) Competitiveness Programme, helped facilitate the testing of the WITT device by linking the company up with The Marine Innovation Centre at Plymouth University.

Further signposting to the Centre for Additive Layer Manufacturing at Exeter University along with some funding enabled WITT Energy to build two prototypes to show potential customers. SWMAS also linked the company with mentoring and coaching on how to focus on priority areas for the business and sell the product.


  • Winner of the Gulfstream Navigator Award 2013 from Ocean Exchange
  • Winner of the inaugural ‘Vessel Efficiency’ award by the Technology Strategy Board

After successful testing of the WITT device at Plymouth University’s state-of-the-art Wave Tank, WITT Energy was given the inaugural ‘Vessel Efficiency’ award by the Technology Strategy Board and a £190,000 grant to work on a new project (total value £300,000) - ‘Energy Harvesting Technology from Vessel Motion.’

As part of a consortium with a number of South West businesses, the company has been developing the WITT technology with the aim of capturing the ‘pitch and roll’ motion of marine vessels and turning it into useable power.

WITT Energy has also beaten off competition from over 1,000 shortlisted companies to receive the much coveted Gulfstream Navigator Award 2013 from Ocean Exchange, which included a $100,000 prize.


WITT Energy
Employees: 5
Sector: Marine 
Location: Devon

It was clear to us that WITT Energy had developed a fantastic platform technology with multiple applications. However, as with many small businesses they needed to focus their efforts and prioritise their actions. By identifying suppliers, other support programmes and providing grants for the prototypes, we’re proud to have played a part in the development of an award-winning product.

Paul Gilbert , Manufacturing Specialist

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