Supporting Dorset manufacturers

SWMAS can help you identify specific areas of focus and share the tools and techniques needed to achieve measurable operational improvements. 

Better still...this expert support is FULLY FUNDED for small and medium-sized manufacturers in Dorset!

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Support from SWMAS has already helped a number of Dorset-based manufacturing businesses... 

Permateek, Christchurch

This company specialise in environmentally friendly, synthetic decking, and called on SWMAS' expertise to help them identify and implement a practical business growth strategy:


“We have found SWMAS incredibly helpful and they are always available if we need guidance or support. The advisors are very well informed and gave us valuable advice based on industry experience. Without the help of SWMAS we would not have been able to grow as quickly and successfully as we have. We think of them very much as an extended part of our team.”

- Vince Coda, Managing Director

Manutech Manufacturing Ltd, Wimborne

Marketing support led to increased sales and a need for new investment for this electromechanical engineering company:

"We were initially introduced to SWMAS as we were struggling to put a successful marketing plan in place to help us increase and strengthen our customer base. Free on-site training sessions specifically helped tailor a plan that would work for us. SWMAS helped us to focus on key ideas and through that we managed to successfully increase the sales from our current customers. In order to satisfy these new orders we quickly identified the need for a new machine; funding from SWMAS allowed us to buy the additional bar feed and tooling required. We have since managed to secure a new client that will give us a far more balanced customer base. This client has also received grant funding from SWMAS that has directly benefited us as well. A fantastic service offered to South West businesses."

- Kerry Wedlake, Finance Director

Alfatronix, Poole

Targeted, on-site, productivity improvement training also led to grant funded support to enable this power supply manufacturer to grow their business effectively:

"Alfatronix has recently used the services of SMWAS for both grant funding support and productivity improvement workshops.  Grant funding through SWMAS helped in the purchase of handling equipment for the automated production line installed in the new production facility opened to meet increasing customer demand.  SWMAS held a productivity improvement workshop at Alfatronix, this helped highlight areas within the business to focus on to make productivity improvements.  SWMAS has proven a useful resource for Alfatronix, which is highly recommended to other manufacturers in the region."

- Andy Hadfield, Operations Director

Hugslock Systems Ltd

Having received their first large scale order, Hugslock wanted relocate to the Dorset Innovation Park to expand operations. There was also a need to improve productivity in areas of manufacturing, assembly, build and test, so they contacted SWMAS for advice and guidance:

"The specific project completed with assistance from SWMAS covered business strategy and facilitated a successful transition from prototype specialists who had developed the company product over the last four years, to dedicated manufacturing and assembly lines. In fact, using the SWMAS network a local manufacturer (Manutech) already on the radar of SWMAS was selected as the preferred supplier. We now have an excellent local manufacturing setup. Fine tuning our manufacturing processes has increased profits and allowed us to create employment opportunities and ensure the business is as proficient as possible.  
"The project feasibility study was completed allowing Hugslock to take advantage of the manufacturing assistance provided by SWMAS. The project ensured we are firmly established to deliver another 13 innovative project variants for future orders and exhibit these products at exhibitions planned in October 2018."

- Denise Huggett, Company Director

I really enjoy working with companies across Dorset, providing them with a wide range of support, helping them to improve their efficiency and grow their capability.

David Pitfield, Manufacturing Business Advisor

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