The Customer
RevMo is a rotational moulding company based in Callington. They offer their customers bespoke turn-key solutions to satisfy their needs, assisting in all areas of plastic rotational moulding and assembly from initial concept, through to the design and manufacture of the end product. They operate across a wide range of sectors including automotive, marine, health and service industries.

A highly regarded company within their field, RevMo supply iconic customers, including Ariel Nomad, and have supported the development and manufacture of some ground-breaking products, such as the Icon Lifesaver Jerry Can; a portable water filter that saves lives by purifying water in disaster-hit countries. 

The Challenge
As a business established in February 2020, RevMo was greatly impacted by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, just one month after they began trading. To stay ahead throughout these challenging times, they recognised a critical need to focus on effective methods of reducing costs and maximising profits.  

As the business is heavily ‘machine intensive’ it is also crucial that RevMo effectively utilise their equipment for maximum productivity so they can provide an industry-leading service.

How SWMAS Helped
Through the Cornwall Manufacturing Advisory Programme (CMAP), SWMAS helped RevMo develop a method to measure the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of their moulding machines. 

This highlighted several improvement opportunities which would increase their output, enabling the business to maximise machine availability times and increase the number of cycles per day.  

These findings helped the business justify an enhancement to the motors and gears of one machine to further increase performance, and SWMAS was able to support this investment decision with a grant.

To underpin the equipment improvements, SWMAS provided Lean awareness training to highlight the benefits of Workplace Organisation and offer an insight into the common areas of waste in a manufacturing environment. This enabled the team to generate a range of improvement ideas to enhance productivity within their business. 

Additionally, SWMAS delivered a 1-1 coaching programme to support the Production Manager through the change process. This built on their existing ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) training, to help the team continually deliver ongoing improvements.  

Revmo has also benefitted from attending a number of SWMAS’ Manufacturing Resilience webinars, each addressing a key area of focus to help build resilience throughout challenging times:

"These webinars are really helping to focus and energise our workforce, and it’s great to see how this is positively impacting the business.”  Geoff Stockley, Works Manager

Ongoing support, as and when required…
Going forward SWMAS will continue to provide 1-1 coaching support and assistance to further develop and refine the OEE measures to deliver additional benefits. As an energy-intensive business, RevMo will also benefit from SWMAS’s new venture; Make it Net Zero. This fully-funded programme will offer them hands-on support to measure their carbon footprint, outline ways they can decarbonise their business, and ultimately assist RevMo in their objective to become a net zero manufacturer in the coming decade.

It was a pleasure to be able to assist Revmo to maximise their productivity, alongside the other business developments and investments they have recently implemented. It is an exciting time for this company, and they are open to change and innovation to help them grow and prosper.

Paul Gilbert , Manufacturing Specialist

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