Pulse Roll Label Products

The Challenge:

Prior to working with SWMAS, Pulse Roll Label Products was well recognised for its specialist product offering. However, the directors were always looking forward for ways to improve the business.

“I first met SWMAS at a business support seminar and listened to a presentation they gave on lean manufacturing, continuous improvement and 5S. I was intrigued to know if these skills could be transferred to our business to help us improve profitability and reduce our costs"

“I was unsure as to how such manufacturing techniques could be applied in a non-automotive environment, but I was very impressed by the knowledge and enthusiasm of MAS so was keen to embark on a project,” said Gary.

SWMAS action:

“Within a couple of days of our support programme it was like a light bulb had been switched on - we began to see how it would be possible to reduce our inventory and make products to order"

“In helping us to plan the production flow as we moved to a new factory, MAS completely changed our outlook towards production from ‘the bigger and more powerful the better’ to looking carefully at using smaller equipment that would help us reduce our stockholding,” said Gary.


  • Efficiency increased by 70%

  • Productivity increased by 50%

“It became clear we didn’t need a substation in our new factory or to buy larger equipment to cope with increased demand. This is a real change in philosophy because previously when we got busier we used to think the solution was to buy more equipment, now we recognise that the first thing we need to look at is improving our production flow"

“With our inventory reduced we have become more efficient and can make more to order. This has freed up cash in the business and enabled us to self-fund our growth"

“MAS helped increase our production capacity and together with support from UKTI, we are increasingly able to export worldwide,” said Gary.


Pulse Roll Label Products
Employees: 30
Turnover: £5m
Sector: Printing and Packaging
Location: Yate, Bristol

This project was delivered by a SWMAS Manufacturing Specialist through our contract with the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS), now part of the Business Growth Service

    Delivered By SWMAS

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