Productivity and Growth

Measurable, operational improvements that result in greater productivity and profit!
SWMAS has worked with a number of our customers to help them identify and overcome obstacles that limit manufacturing capacity, and implement solutions that result in heightened efficiency and business growth...



SWMAS worked with Gripsure to standardise their manufacturing processes and prepare for overseas production - a critical stage of their future growth plan...

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SWMAS helped this Cornwall-based manufacturer identify and implement productivity improvements, and is now committed to helping them progress their low carbon journey…

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Sandford Orchards

SWMAS supported this successful drinks manufacturer with the purchase of a new, state of the art, canning line to help them ramp up production to meet growing demand...

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Cotswold Printing

This inspirational print manufacturer's strategic business investment helped them raise production levels before they swiftly diversified to produce urgently needed PPE equipment when the COVID-19 pandemic began...

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SWMAS helped this award-winning drink manufacturer enhance their existing manufacturing processes to realise their future growth potential...

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SWMAS helped this Swindon-based company to recognise areas of waste within their processes, and involve the whole team to identify and implement achievable improvements...

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