PD Devices

PD Devices are leaders in the design and manufacture of a wide range of products and custom-made solutions offering protection against damage from lightning and transient over-voltages. Identifying potential business opportunities in connection with the Hinkley Point C build, PD Devices approached SWMAS to explore the support available to help them increase their knowledge and credibility in the nuclear sector.

The SWMAS led Hinkley Supply Chain Programme provided funding that enabled PD Devices to subsidise their place on the HPC Supplier Induction Programme, a comprehensive EDF licenced course. It outlines key project risks and prevention techniques that must be known and demonstrated by all suppliers. It also covers additional customer specific requirements, and uses a range of interactive case studies to help you identify areas of improvement within your business to put you in the best position to deliver successfully. 


Challenge Faced

Key for PD Devices was their requirement to transfer existing skills to a nuclear market. PD Devices needed to increase their knowledge of nuclear specific factors and to be able to demonstrate this when targeting the primary HPC contractors. This would help them prove that they understand and can adhere to the values, standards, and behaviours that EDF flow down the entire HPC supply chain.


Action Taken

PD devices were able to build on their existing awareness of Nuclear Safety Culture, Human Performance Factors, and Counterfeit Fraud Management by completing the HPC Supplier Induction Programme.  This HPC specific training on key nuclear issues has given them the clarity and confidence to showcase their unique capabilities to some of the electrical contractors within the Hinkley Point C project.



After completing the HPC Supplier Induction Programme, PD Devices are now demonstrating the right attitudes and behaviours to show nuclear contractors that they can not only supply a high quality product, but also demonstrate their understanding of the project ethos, which will increase their credibility from a nuclear buyers perspective.



Supported by EDF and led by experienced nuclear specialists, PD Devices has benefitted from an extraordinary depth of insight and support through the HPC Supplier Induction Programme. Integrating learning and opportunity to develop their business in line with the stringent expectations of the supply chain contracts, the Programme is comprehensive and helps companies to implement the new skills, processes, and behaviours that Hinkley Point C Tier 1 contractors are looking for in their supply chain.

Nick Golding

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