Our Only World

Our Only World is a charity that was created to tackle the issue of waste plastics in the marine environment. 

The Challenge...
To drastically reduce the number of single use plastic bottles that are discarded on Cornish beaches every year. 

Our Only World had an idea to tackle this growing problem
They wanted to create a ‘water bottle refilling station’ which could be installed at various locations throughout Cornwall to encourage people to refill reusable bottles instead of purchasing new.

How SWMAS helped…
Our local manufacturing specialist in Cornwall (Paul Gilbert) first engaged with Our Only World when they embarked on a design competition at Plymouth University. Through the Cornwall Manufacturing Advisory Programme (CMAP) Paul was able to help them source a new design partner to progress the water refill project.

Paul held remote sessions with Tina Robinson (Our Only World Founder) to help her identify potential design partners, review the prototype water refill product, and support her as she moved the project forward.

A critical stage of the project was when Paul suggested the current design was reviewed to ensure it didn’t infringe on another company’s Intellectual Property (IP) in terms of registered designs. Although the review highlighted the need to redesign the product, it meant the charity could develop something truly unique to the market. 

Ongoing support was provided to produce a functional prototype using 3D printing technology. Once the Prototype was approved, Paul was able to provide a grant (through CMAP) towards the cost of the mould tool that was needed to manufacture the product. Whilst the tooling was being manufactured, SWMAS also provided help and support for the product to achieve essential WRAS approval (an accreditation needed for any device in contact with drinking water). 

The Product…
This ‘dolphin shaped’ water refilling station was designed to be instantly recognisable and totally unique to Our Only World, who hold the IP for this design, named ‘Aqua Tap’. It is made from marine recovered, recycled plastic to further increase its positive environmental impact.

Image of the Aqua Tap - This product has the potential to remove over 3,000,000 plastic bottles from marine environments in Cornwall!

Aqua Tap has now been installed at eighteen sites throughout Cornwall and the South of England, with growing interest and demand from a range of councils, charities, and plastic-free campaign groups. 

Positive Outcomes as a result of this support…

Creation of a unique product
and valuable intellectual


Growth in sales
and sustained
product demand.

Use of 3D printing to prove the
design ahead of committing to mould tooling.

WRAS compliance
to allow national


Future Plans…
The Aqua Tap has a marine grade stainless steel plinth, the cost of which has soared recently, and continues to rise. As a result, and to make the design more supportive of the circular economy, Our Only World is considering alternatives, such as 3D printing from recycled plastics, and roto moulding the base out of recycled materials. 

I've really enjoyed working with Tina and Our Only World. Their product is fantastic, and helping them overcome the hurdles of getting an approved prototype ready for manufacture has been a real joy. I look forward to hearing great things from them in the future.

Paul Gilbert , Manufacturing Specialist

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The Cornwall Manufacturing Advisory Programme (CMAP) is delivered by SWMAS, and supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).