LMAP in Swindon and Wiltshire

Reflections from companies in Swindon and Wiltshire on the support received from SWMAS through the Local Manufacturing Advisory Programme (LMAP)...

Summit Chairs, Trowbridge

Through targeted training, SWMAS enabled positive change for this bespoke chair manufacturer.

"SWMAS were able to give us the focus and impetus to improve our processes and process capacity for several new product ranges. In the current fast paced business environment, it is so important that we continue to target such changes regarding capability and capacity in order to keep ahead of the wave."

– Alan Davies, Operations Director

Elmill, Westbury

SWMAS introduced this company to relevant grant funding for investment needed to boost productivity.

"The support and grant funding has assisted Elmill to purchase a CNC lathe and bring the production of components for primary products in house.  This will lead to greater productivity through improved quality control, more effective stock management, greater flexibility on utilising down time and increasing the skill level of the business to open up new markets."

– Jon Carter, Director

Simon Lucas Bridge Supplies, Devizes

Expert advice, guidance, and grant funding from SWMAS helped this unique, family run, craft company realise achievable business growth.

"Whether through providing access to grant funding, or as a result of excellent advice and guidance, SWMAS have proven to be an outstanding source of support to our business and have undoubtedly made a significant contribution to both current and future growth.  Thank you!"

- Simon Lucas, Managing Director

FRD Designers and Makers, Salisbury

Specialising in the design, manufacturer, and installation of bespoke metalwork, this company called on SWMAS to help them streamline internal procedures.  

"The SWMAS specialist assisted us with layout - focussing on a logical production flow.  He also made us aware of the grant funding available to us when we were planning our extraction system.  Whilst we are perceived as being from the craft end of manufacturing, the reality is that our production has the same need for controlled processes and lean disciplines as a more conventional engineering facility.  SWMAS are a very useful resource and have been an important part of the development of FRD."

– Francis Russell, Managing Director

Gecko Rubber Limited, Holt

Grant funding contributed towards the investment necessary to help this sporting goods manufacturer further develop their product lines.

"The grant funding has enabled us to purchase key mould tooling when cash has been particularly tight or not available, particularly towards the end of the ‘Evolution 3’ airless bicycle tyre product development phase this summer (2018) and assisting our consequent pre-production tooling needs."

- Richard Adams, Director

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