Jo Bird and Co


This Somerset-based manufacturer of custom-made cabinets engaged with the Hinkley Supply Chain Team and completed the HPC Supplier Induction Programme as part of their plan to target opportunities within the Hinkley Point C (HPC) project.


Company Capabilities

Jo Bird & Co Ltd is located in Highbridge, Somerset, less than 20 miles by road from the Hinkley Point C (HPC) Nuclear New Build.  They produce durable and reliable cabinets largely constructed of composite materials using approved gelcoats, glass matting, and resins to protect contents from the elements.  Most have Lloyds and ABS approvals with an excellent IP rating of 56 and can be insulated or vented for use in extreme temperatures. 



Case Study

Jo Bird recently designed and supplied fire-fighting lockers to A&P Falmouth for the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, replacing those supplied by the ship builder which were deemed not fit for purpose.  These custom-made cabinets, designed in close collaboration with A&P engineers, have superb A&S roller shutter doors to save valuable space on board, and stainless-steel lockable draw systems inside. A&P were highly impressed with the finished product, so much so that NATO codes have now been created for this design to ensure they can be supplied to future MOD vessels.


Photo kindly supplied by A&P Falmouth


Hinkley Supply Chain Team Engagement

With many successful designs accredited to them, and an international client base supplying fire safety related equipment worldwide, Jo Bird felt that they would be well placed to support the requirements of a huge construction project like HPC, so began looking at ways to be ready when supply opportunities arose.
Jo Bird first engaged with the Hinkley Supply Chain Team in 2018 by attending one of the funded workshops they offer to help companies understand several HPC specific considerations. 
The team followed up this initial engagement with an on-site meeting to offer more targeted advice and recommendations tailored to the individual needs of the company.  Around this time Jo Bird secured early orders to support the HPC project and as a result have decided to focus on ensuring they are equipped for future HPC opportunities.  In addition to their experience in the oil and offshore wind sectors, they were keen to learn more about supplying the nuclear industry.
With this in mind, and to help them feel confident when transferring their existing capabilities to the HPC market, Jo Bird recently signed up to complete the HPC Supplier Induction Programme, a comprehensive five-day programme of support scheduled over a six-week period.
The programme helped Jo Bird to understand both the wider requirements of the nuclear industry, and the specific needs of the HPC Project.


The Hinkley Supply Chain Team recommended that we complete the HPC Supplier Induction Programme to help build our nuclear knowledge.  Each day of the programme covered different key nuclear factors from the safety culture adopted by the nuclear industry to important considerations for suppliers entering into HPC specific nuclear contracts.

The content and delivery of the whole programme was excellent with specific videos and examples used to reinforce learning.  The presenters were likeable and extremely knowledgeable, which helped to ensure good levels of interaction and participation from the audience.

I don’t think any company looking to supply the HPC project should underestimate the value that completing this programme adds.  I feel so much more informed of the factors of nuclear excellence important to EDF Energy and potential HPC customers after this training, which will help me when preparing future bids.

       Nick Atkins - Marketing Manager, Jo Bird and Co

Jo Bird and Co, a regional business with an international reputation, has taken the necessary, practical steps to access HPC opportunities. To see if your company could benefit from the HPC project, and find out how we can help, please contact us.

Jonathan Wren, Nuclear Supply Chain Specialist

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Hinkley Supply Chain Programme

The Hinkley Supply Chain Programme offers funded business support is for eligible SME companies who want to maximise their chances of joining the Hinkley Point C (HPC) Supply Chain. With contracts to be awarded throughout the 10-year construction phase, and during the 60+ years of operation and de-commissioning, we anticipate a significant pipeline of opportunity.  The Hinkley Supply Chain Programme is currently funded to run until March 2020. Businesses are encouraged to engage early, even if your opportunities are not immediate, as it can take a significant amount of time and resource to become ready to tender for HPC work.