The Challenge:

GripSure, a manufacturer and supplier of anti-slip timber decking, approached SWMAS for support on how to work more efficiently in a factory environment after making the decision to change from a contracting company to a manufacturing business.

Having previously operated as contractors using batch production, GripSure needed advice on how to make a smooth transition to becoming a manufacturing business, and capitalise on opportunities to grow in a niche marketplace.

“We found that that while producing large volumes was possible with batch production, it was often at the expense of stock holding and staffing levels. We needed to better understand the key skills and knowledge required to change our production process and grow the business.” said Mike Nicholson, Managing Director.

SWMAS action:

“We participated in an introduction to lean efficiency workshop hosted by Martyn Pearson. This helped us to map out the various activities of the manufacturing process and drill down into the timings of each of our processes"

“It became clear that batch processing was not the best way forward because stocks were growing and lead times getting longer. The value stream mapping exercise was challenging but it showed us that we really needed to look at the business from a different perspective"


  • Productivity increased by 200%

  • Turnover increased by 160%

 “We introduced line production, changed how we bought our timber and introduced tighter management production systems. This has resulted in increased productivity and substantial growth in our turnover. The involvement of SWMAS was pivotal in helping us achieve this growth and adopt a much more efficient approach to the business"

“We are now able to invest more resources into sales and marketing, and are applying the techniques we learnt in the value stream mapping exercise again to help us gain even greater efficiencies through automation. We are very positive about the future,” said Mike Nicholson.


Employees: 5
Turnover: £400,000
Sector: Outdoor decking
Location: St Austell, Cornwall

This project was delivered by a SWMAS Manufacturing Specialist through our contract with the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS), now part of the Business Growth Service

    Delivered By SWMAS

By introducing a ‘one piece flow’ approach to production, GripSure has created additional capacity for its customer base and significantly lowered internal production costs. The commitment of the senior management team to change was inspirational. This has created a ‘can do’ mindset within the business, providing a solid platform for continued growth.

Martyn Pearson, Manufacturing Specialist

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