Future Advanced Manufacture

The Challenge:

Future Advanced Manufacture Ltd manufactures a range of high precision components for the aerospace, oil and gas, marine and defence industries.

Having previously placed more emphasis on research and development (R&D) rather than repeat manufacturing, the company decided to make a radical shift in focus.

However, this in itself presented a challenge because it quickly became evident that the business was not set up to cope with high complexity, repeat manufacture.

SWMAS action:

“SWMAS funded our attendance at a strategic development programme where it became clear to us that we needed to re-shape our business model to achieve long term growth"

“Following this, we participated in a lean leadership programme led by SWMAS (a MAS Registered Consultant from QuoLux was independently selected to deliver this part of the project), which was grant funded by MAS. This revealed inefficiencies in our production process, which was set up under five separate business units.”


  • Awarded a £1.5m contract to reshore production back to the UK from China

  • Created 20 new jobs

“Within a year we achieved our goal of a 50/50 split between R&D and repeat manufacture. We then consolidated operations by bringing all of our business units together under one roof at a new larger factory, which has increased our efficiency by 15 per cent"

“As a result of the work done with SWMAS we have been able to increase our appeal to a wider customer base.  This has enabled us win a landmark contract to manufacture and supply a key component for a local business, re-shoring production back to the UK from China in order to reduce lead times and costs, and increase quality control"

“We have also achieved a substantial increase in our turnover and this growth has seen us create 20 new jobs in just six months,” said Craig Peterson.


Future Advanced Manufacture
Employees: 70
Turnover: £8.8m
Sector: High precision engineering
Location: Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

This project was delivered by a SWMAS Manufacturing Specialist through our contract with the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS), now part of the Business Growth Service

   Delivered By SWMAS

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