The challenge:

Ecoegg is an award-winning business specialising in the design of eco-friendly laundry products. The company has recently brought its production back to the UK from China.

Having developed an innovative Dryer Egg product, Ecoegg needed assistance during the design phase and were keen to secure funding to enable it to be manufactured in the UK.

SWMAS action:

SWMAS awarded the company with a grant to fund the design and development of a new injection moulding tool via its Product Development Centre (PDC) project, which is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (2007-2013) Competitiveness Programme.

This enabled the Dryer Egg to be produced in the UK rather than in China where it had been previously.


  • Created 3 full time jobs and 6 part time jobs
  • Exporting to over 30 countries worldwide

From a quality control perspective, bringing its production back to the UK has enabled Ecoegg to see the product being manufactured and meet suppliers face-to-face with no language barriers to overcome.

The company has also created three full time jobs and six part time jobs including ongoing work for a warehouse manager, as it now rents a warehouse in the UK, logistics manager and a team of packers.

Ecoegg is now exporting to over 30 countries worldwide including Italy, Germany, Brazil and Australia. The company has also just started to break into the US market and has come full circle in that it now sells in to China.

This rapid growth has enabled Ecoegg to expand its operations and open a new warehouse to hold stock. The company is on track to hit sales of £1.5m by the end of its next financial year.


Employees: 11
Sector: Environmental
Location: Bristol

Ecoegg is an innovative, design led company that previously sourced much of their tooling and production from Asia. It is great that we have been able to work together on their latest product, helping ensure that it is now being manufactured in the UK and exported globally.

Ben Powis, Commercial Manager

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