Devon Contract Waste (DCW)

This environmentally friendly, commercial waste management and recycling centre, based in Exeter, provide eco-friendly and responsible waste disposal solutions for companies across the South West.

SWMAS began working with ‘Polymer Industries’ back in 2013, assisting them to find new, innovative ways of shredding plastic waste. A strong relationship has developed over the years, and when they became a part of Devon Contract Waste (DCW) in 2019, SWMAS continued to provide the same valuable support and advice as and when the business required it.

Support from SWMAS...

Recently, DCW called upon SWMAS’ expertise to help them further develop their ‘Polymers Processing Centre’, designed to re-process plastic waste into reusable flakes that can be used to manufacture a variety of new, plastic products. 

SWMAS helped them develop their own product range, created from the recycled plastics that have already been re-ground on their site.

As COVID-19 has increased demand for home and garden products, DCW decided to tap into this growing market by developing a range of garden furniture and associated products. These innovative, sustainable products will be manufactured on-site, and marketed to both new and existing customers to increase DCW’s sales and profits.

SWMAS assisted with the planning, budgeting, and timescales for this new project, ensuring that the concept was viable before substantial investments were made. Through their High Value Manufacturing Advisory Programme (HVMAP) in the Heart of the South West (HotSW), SWMAS were also able to offer a grant towards the cost of the new plastic extruder needed to put these plans into action.

The Outcome...

  • New product range is predicted to increase the value of extruded plastic by over 500% 
  • Together with DCW’s drive and commitment, this initial financial investment of £25,000 is expected to increase their revenue by £1.5m over the next 2 years
  • £850,000 predicted GVA increase for the first year

This venture has given DCW a new and exciting opportunity to sell direct to consumers in addition to businesses.

With potential customers placing more importance on environmental credentials when deciding what to buy, this new range of recycled products will be well received in the marketplace. However, the company will need to adapt to seize new opportunities, and plan to do so by placing a greater emphasis on its sales and marketing capability, which will be achieved by developing and upskilling its existing workforce.

Going forward, DCW also plans to re-invest extra cash flow into purchasing additional tooling to create more product lines, and SWMAS will be on hand to offer relevant support at every stage of this exciting venture. 


Working with Jason has always been a pleasure, and this is something that I know he has wanted to develop for a long time. Working together to help turn his vision into a reality is both exciting and beneficial for everyone involved. I anticipate that this range of products will be very well received, and it has been great to be able to assist DCW with this venture at every step of the way. I hope that Jason and his team get the recognition they deserve for turning waste materials into this practical and useful product range, which is all manufactured locally in Devon, and carries great environmental and ethical credentials.

Phil Halse, Manufacturing Specialist

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