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Matt Riley of Composite Projects in Devon talks about their operations training day with SWMAS Manufacturing Specialists Paul Gilbert and Phil Halse. They are helping to embed a positive culture of continuous improvement in the business. Read more in Matt's report:

Let the Training Take the Strain

By Matt Riley, Composite Projects

Last Friday we were delighted to welcome Paul Gilbert and Phil Halse from SWMAS for an Operations training day at the Composite Projects factory.

SWMAS specialise in providing bespoke manufacturing support for businesses like ours to increase efficiencies, build and drive strategic planning as well as helping to minisise waste in the manufacturing process. They also focus on continuously reviewing supply chains.

Not only does this invaluable input help Composite Projects owner Alan Davey set medium and long term goals for his business, it also upskills and inspires his staff.

We now have a programme of weekly half day training each Friday morning where we address key areas of development opportunity in a collegial, positive and professional way.

We had a great session with Alan and the team. There were lots of positive suggestions for improvements and identified some initial projects to undertake. The team are now busy spotting more issues and opportunities so that we can go back and help them draw up a prioritised improvement plan. All the team are really engaged and up for the challenge – although fuelled at our session with coffee and biscuits, they have the energy and commitment to make a real difference going forward. Phil Halse and I are looking forward to our next session and helping them succeed.

Paul Gilbert , Manufacturing Specialist

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