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Berry & Escott Win Contract with National College for Nuclear after Support from the Hinkley Supply Chain Team

Berry & Escott engineering are located in Bridgwater, Somerset.  A flexible and highly innovative engineering company, they pride themselves on excellence in design, precision machining, and total turnkey ferrous and non-ferrous fabricated solutions, as well has their proven track record of outstanding customer service.

Today, Berry & Escott prioritise continuous investment allowing them to implement new technologies into their production processes, and keep their machinery, 10’000sq foot workshops, and procedures up to date, whilst ensuring their carbon footprint is kept to a minimum.  After over a decade in the nuclear sector, they have recently opened a new Stainless-Steel Fabrication facility to help with increased requirements as a result of industry growth in recent years.

Challenges Faced

National College for Nuclear (NCfN) were looking to develop an innovative training system for future nuclear engineers, based on a twin flow loop of hot and cold water. The aim was to show both thermodynamic principles on a closed loop system (similar to a nuclear power station), and the challenges within a maintenance and replacement context.  A representative system was needed that would simulate the principles and be realistic in comparison to the types of equipment the students could ultimately be exposed to at Hinkley Point C. The challenge was how to achieve this within a limited budget based on the originally commissioned design.


Action Taken

The Hinkley Supply Chain Team assisted NCfN by identifying a range of South West based companies with the capabilities required for this project.  An initial meeting between these potential suppliers and NCfN was then organised to discuss how they could support with the design, assembly, and supply of components. 

On review of the initial design and budget, it became apparent that all required outcomes couldn’t be achieved on an ideal basis, so an options analysis was completed to evaluate system functionality requirements, followed by an outline project plan to prioritise the mechanical elements of the system as phase 1 of the project.

Berry and Escott were selected by NCfN to design and manufacture the initial mechanical elements of the system. They scanned the area, agreed a redefined       functional specification with the customer, and manufactured the system in line with the specification.


Berry & Escott secured a contract worth approximately £300K with NCfN.  They took the design from concept idea, to approved 3D design, and successfully manufactured and installed the rig which will be a training aid for many future nuclear engineers.

Our collaboration with local business has been a critical factor in the success of the NCfN and specifically this project. Funding from UFI and EDGE made this project possible which has resulted in Berry & Escott realising our vision and exceeded our expectations.

Paul Goss - Head of National College for Nuclear (Southern Hub)

Berry & Escott have been pro-active in engaging with nuclear opportunities for a number of years. They have been involved in 2 consortium groups; APEC for precision machining, and the Nucleus fabrication consortium. It is great to see the hard work they have put in starting to come through in terms of recognition and ultimately contracts.

Nick Golding

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