ASP Screen Printing

The Challenge:

ASP Screen Printing, a trade specialist, screen printing and embroidery company, based in Newquay, Cornwall were introduced to SWMAS in 2011 where they were working from a 4,000 sq ft unit with just 2 manual presses.

Their main challenges were the need to streamline processes, which would allow them to increase their capacity, boost sales and allow for growth in the business.

SWMAS Action:

SWMAS began working with ASP to help address their immediate challenges and help meet their objectives, with the introduction of some lean manufacturing tools, including Value Stream Mapping, as well as high level strategic coaching.

SWMAS also introduced other support and funding opportunities, including South West Growth Fund, which has allowed them to invest in automated machinery.

A number of ‘best practice’ visits were also arranged for ASP, to showcase some of the processes planned for the business in place and being implemented at another company.


ASP have been on a transformational journey in the past few years, which has been supported by a recent investment of £108,000, part funded by SWGF, allowing them to invest in automated machinery, which has increased capacity several thousand times from those manual printing days.

The lean processes which SWMAS introduced, as well as arranging best practice visits has opened doors which have allowed ASP to improve processes, free up time and increase their overall productivity.

Their strategic coaching with SWMAS is setting the scene for their future expansion plans, which include ambitions to double sales within the next 2/3 years and increased investment in staff within the Cornwall economy.

I am delighted to see the progress that ASP has made during the last five years. The dedication of the senior management and its ability to adopt a ' can do attitude' toward its customer base is testament to its current success. I am confident that as they enter the next phase of the company’s development, via the recent capital expenditure, additional and improved methods of work will emerge resulting in further success for Chris Dart and his team.

Martyn Pearson, Manufacturing Specialist

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