The Challenge:

Prior to working with SWMAS, Arcol already had a well-established reputation for supplying high quality products to many multinational clients including NASA. However, the directors wanted to maximise the company’s potential to expand into new territories.

“After completing a training course with a local college, I was introduced to Martyn Pearson. He invited me to a local event where SWMAS ran a workshop on value stream mapping. I was immediately impressed at how such analysis could enable us to see clearly where we could reduce waste and increase our capacity for growth,” said Arcol's Technical Director.

SWMAS action:

“SWMAS provided a vehicle for introducing improvements and then supported us as we implemented them. We encouraged a culture shift across the whole business as the rest of the market was changing around us. SWMAS woke us up and moved us from the old adage of ‘we’re alright’, to a company ready to meet the current demands and the opportunities that lay ahead"


  • 80% improvement in ‘on time’ delivery performance

  • Developed blueprint for 3,000 sq ft of new space on site for future expansion

“By drastically reducing waste, we have been able to achieve better ‘on time’ delivery performance and sustained improvement of productivity levels. We went from a distributed manufacturing process that was, as one of my colleagues once commented, ‘designed by hand grenades’, to a more compact, structured process"

“Overall we have become more efficient and therefore more profitable, which has allowed us to invest and expand the business more readily. We are both excited and confident for the future,” said Arcol's Technical Director.


Employees: 45
Turnover: £3m
Sector: Electrical / mechanical sub-assemblies
Location: Truro, Cornwall

This project was delivered by a SWMAS Manufacturing Specialist through our contract with the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS), now part of the Business Growth Service

    Delivered By SWMAS

Arcol has ambitious expansion plans for the future, and with a new facility on site, is ideally placed to capitalise on opportunities to expand into new markets. With our help in reviewing and changing the company’s ethos, Alun is now confident in making operational changes within the business. Arcol has a strong platform for a dynamic future.

Martyn Pearson, Manufacturing Specialist

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