Adcutech Limited

This Swindon-based SME specialises in precision engineering, manufacturing quality components for a range of industries such as laser products, environmental detection, defense, and medical. 

SWMAS has built a meaningful relationship with Adcutech over the years, providing them with relevant business support since 2012. Most recently, they challenged SWMAS to help them implement appropriate processes and practices to improve efficiency and productivity. 

What SWMAS did...

Through on-site support, SWMAS introduced Adcutech to Lean methodologies, and demonstrated how this highly regarded improvement process could be integrated effectively for measurable business benefits.

This step was followed up with simulations and further training on the shop floor which involved the whole team. This interactive approach helped all staff recognise their important role in the improvement process. By encouraging their valuable input at every step of the way, the team felt empowered, and were motivated to implement the positive changes being recommended.  

In addition to the widely recognised areas of 'waste' within a manufacturing environment, SWMAS highlighted a number of less obvious potential issues that Adcutech could focus on. By providing valuable training in the 8 Wastes of Lean Manufacturing, SWMAs helped them identify and implement areas of improvement that resulted in small, but beneficial, changes to their working practices.

Flexible, remote support was still available during COVID-19 restrictions, and SWMAS’ Manufacturing Specialist was on hand to help Adcutech progress the initial improvements that had been introduced. He also recommended a number of ‘Manufacturing Resilience’ webinars, designed and delivered by SWMAS, which provided valuable information around key topics, and further supported Adcutech’s specific improvement plans.  

Key Outcomes...

Adcutech have already experienced benefits as a result of this support, including an annual saving of 47 hours (which equates to more than one week of production time). The business now has a Lean 'Champion' who engages the entire team and encourages them to share ideas, come up with positive suggestions, and implement beneficial changes. They have already completed three projects, and already have more in the pipeline. 

Working with Adcutech has been very enjoyable. The team's friendly and keen to learn and understand the business and their individual roles within it. They have embraced continuous improvement tools and techniques and started to implement valuable changes throughout the business. It has been a genuine pleasure to work with them and I'm looking forward to supporting them as they continue their journey.

Phil Mills, Manufacturing Specialist

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