Speak to your local Manufacturing Specialist

Each member of the team covers a specific geological area within the South West and has built strong relationships with their customers, many of whom repeatedly call on them for specialist manufacturing advice and support when this is required.

The team has a wealth of industry experience and business development expertise and is available to discuss your company's needs and aspirations in further detail...


Photo of Phil Mills, SWMAS Manufacturing Specialist

Phillip Mills

07436 539 702

[email protected]



Phil Halse

07971 597 006

[email protected]



David Pitfield

07519 121 095

[email protected]



Tony Mattravers

07972 773 536

[email protected]


Gloucestershire and Swindon & Wiltshire

Photo of David Purcell, SWMAS Manufacturing Specialist


David Purcell

07706 325 597

[email protected]

Central Office: 01278 767 010 | [email protected]

Fully-funded business development support and grants are available to small and medium-sized manufacturing companies across the South West - read more here.