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Innovative engineering company commits to 2040 net zero target with the help of SWMAS!
supply hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical and electronic components to a variety of sectors, including aerospace, defence and marine. From initial design and build, to installation and maintenance, they offer their customers a quality service from start to finish.  

Since it was established in 1979, this innovative engineering company now has 46 full-time employees based across three sites in Devon, Gloucestershire, and Somerset. 

Keen to play its part and join the UK’s fight against climate change, Rotec engaged with SWMAS’s Make it Net Zero Programme for much needed external expertise and guidance to help them put their ambitious plans into action.

Net zero ambitions...
Having already begun to install LED lighting, Rotec was interested in calculating its current carbon footprint to learn more about its own emissions. The company wanted to develop a plan with realistic targets that would reduce carbon whilst also helping to lower operating costs. Rotec was also interested in researching current offsetting options and wanted to find out more about the circular economy. The business recognised its moral obligation to create a sustainable place of work for its employees and realised that improving its green credentials will offer a competitive advantage; helping to develop and improve its supply chain and attract new customers.  

Rotec's net zero journey with SWMAS… 
The support started with an in-depth diagnostic review, carried out by the SWMAS net zero specialist, who worked with the Quality Systems Manager to analyse and assess each area of the business. This was then followed up with an analysis of their emissions data, which was fed into a detailed Carbon Footprint Report. This support has enabled Rotec to make a validated pledge towards a net zero target and provided a detailed action plan which identifies priorities, and sets achievable objectives towards short, medium, and long-term goals.

Rotec’s net zero action plan includes the following recommendations:

  Change to renewable energy procurement  for electricity & gas. 

  Create employee incentives for green travel/zero carbon miles (i.e., walk to work days). 

  Electrification of company owned vans (Carbon Saving = 43,136 KG).  

  Look at entire supply chain and collect emissions data from upstream/downstream activities.


Achievements so far...

  Completed a detailed Carbon Footprint Analysis Report to understand current business emissions. The company footprint was measured as 69,856 KG.

  Identified potential carbon savings of 54,326 KG with a potential to achieve a footprint of 15530 KG over the next few years - saving 78% of their benchmark carbon emissions.


*CO2e: wider than just carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, this term is used to describe all of the different greenhouse gases in a common unit.



“It has been very rewarding working with Rotec Hydraulics as they progress their net zero journey. They have already made some very positive changes, and are enthusiastic to implement further improvements. It’s been a pleasure to work with the company and provide solutions that will make a real difference. We wish Paul, Josie, and the team at Rotec Hydraulics every success, and look forward to offering continuous support as their plans progress.’’   

Don Parsons
SWMAS Net Zero Specialist


This support was delivered by SWMAS via their Make it Net Zero Programme, and funded through the Somerset Energy Innovation Centre.