Programme Details

Before you access any of the Supplier Induction Programme modules, we would like to find out a little more about your business to ensure that the support you receive is fully aligned to your needs.

CLICK HERE to leave your details, and one of our nuclear specialists will be in touch to enroll you onto this programme.

What's Included?

Each module can be completed at your convenience, and consists of a presentation, narrated by a nuclear industry expert, and accompanying exercises, documents, and resources, which can be downloaded for future reference:

 Client driven safety and performance culture, targeting personal leadership and accountability in your business. 

 Learn more about the procurement process at HPC to better prepare for future bid opportunities.

 Develop an awareness of the specific requirements needed for a successful bid.

 Gain organisational learning tools and embed the processes that EDF require from all HPC contractors. 

    Guidance on the training, recruitment, and management of specialist staff in your organisation.

Learn practical tools to make Continuous Improvement a core element of your quality processes.


Sessions will be available on a fortnightly basis to fit your individual learning journey:



This is your chance to highlight how you have implemented this learning to enhance your business’ capabilities, and gained the relevant and specific knowledge needed to join the HPC supply chain:



Delivered through the Hinkley Supply Chain Programme and funded by the West of England Combined Authority, the Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership, and the Welsh Government, the Supplier Induction Programme is available at NO COST* to small and medium-sized SMEs across Devon, Somerset, Bristol, Banes, and Wales 

*subject to De Minimis aid received within the past three years not exceeding the State Aid threshold of €200,000).