Cornwall Based Spinning Mill Achieves Carbon Reduction Accreditation with the help of SWMAS

The Natural Fibre Company is a specialist woollen mill, passionate about helping its customers transform raw fleece into beautiful, high-quality yarn. The business provides a wide range of fibre processing services, all under one roof.  

Net zero ambitions...
Sustainability, traceability, and provenance are integral to The Natural Fibre Company’s activities and core values as a British wool spinner. This forward-thinking company was motivated to begin its net zero journey from a desire to help conserve the planet, and meet the expectations of its environmentally conscious customers. 

The business is already engaged with numerous initiatives to help the environment, including working with alternative and recycled materials to support the circular and local economy. A range of waste materials from the mill’s manufacturing processes are regularly sold to other businesses, to be used for padding for pet beds, stuffing for craft-based goods, and other activities (such as hand spinning).

The Natural Fibre Company's net zero journey with SWMAS...
Having previously worked with SWMAS to improve productivity, this business contacted them again for external net zero expertise and guidance - the Make it Net Zero Programme came along at just the right time. 

The Natural Fibre Company was already measuring its resource use, had a good set of data, and had developed a simple carbon footprint. However, the business was unsure of the best way to convert energy use and carbon emissions into common units to calculate its carbon footprint, and needed some help in order to progress its net zero ambitions. 

Following an in-depth review, the SWMAS net zero specialist used an accredited carbon data tool to analyse and measure the business’s emissions. Using this data as a benchmark, they then worked with the company to identify priorities that would lead to the biggest carbon savings. The specialist also provided a step-by-step process and action plan to help the business set, and achieve, realistic net zero goals.  

The Action Plan (covering the next 10 years) included the following recommendations...

Short and Medium-term:

  Use low/green energy technologies in key areas.

  Continually review and optimise all manufacturing processes to reduce energy consumption.   


  Upgrade existing machinery to more energy efficient versions.

  Progress Scope 3 activities to target a reduction in water and waste.  

Achievements so far...

  Completed a detailed, accredited Carbon Footprint to understand current business emissions.

  Developed a company-wide Sustainability Charter and Framework with short, medium and long-term actions.

  Identified potential carbon savings of 19,183 KG Co2e* (approx. 20 tonnes per year), a 66% reduction on their current footprint.

*CO2e: wider than just carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, this term is used to describe all of the different greenhouse gases in a common unit.

Team photo (above) courtesy of Made in Britain

“Working with The Natural Fibre Company has been a rewarding experience and they should be proud of their achievements to date and plans for achieving net zero in the future. Given their product and customer base, sustainability and the health of the environment is paramount. They are a model example of how measuring and managing energy can lead to savings and more efficient working practices, and I am delighted we were able to support them through our Make it Net Zero programme.”

Paul Gilbert
SWMAS Make it Net Zero Programme Lead

This support was delivered by SWMAS via their Make it Net Zero Programme, and funded through the Somerset Energy Innovation Centre.