Low Carbon Information Hub

Addressing the global climate crisis is a growing priority, and one which will continue to gain momentum over the coming years.
The clock is ticking towards 2050, and the UK Government’s deadline to reduce UK greenhouse gas emissions to 'net zero'...now is the time to act to ensure that this target can be achieved! 

What does 'net zero' actually mean?

In simple terms, you reach 'net zero' when...

Your current carbon footprint has been reduced to the lowest point possible, and all remaining carbon has been offset...resulting in net zero carbon emissions.

Understanding low carbon language

A range of new terms and phrases are surfacing as the race to net zero intensifies… 

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Your Questions Answered

To help your business begin or progress its net zero journey, check out some of the questions we’re most commonly asked…

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Additional Information and Support

There is a wide range of additional advice, guidance, and resources available around this highly topical subject - check out what's on offer to help Devon and Somerset-based businesses reach their net zero goals...

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Low Carbon Success Stories - A number of businesses across the Heart of the South West have started to identify, implement, and manage sustainable carbon reductions...


This Low Carbon Information Hub has been funded by the Heart of the South West (HotSW) Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP)