South West Manufacturing Barometer - April 2023

The story in the South West...

In addition to the national report, this version has been created using responses from businesses across the South West of England to:

  • highlight the current position of regional manufacturing
  • show how this differs from the national picture 

Special Focus: Future Growth and Investment Plans
Many firms are seeing their customer base continuing to adapt and change as a result of current market conditions. However, despite ongoing challenges around inflation, supply chain disruption, rising costs, and skills shortages, many respondents also shared more optimistic investment plans in last quarter’s Barometer publication.

The regional results are now in!
Read about the priority areas of investment for South West-based manufacturing firms, and the steps they are taking to mitigate current risks and maximise future growth

South West Manufacturing Barometer - April 2023.pdf


Introducing Barometer 'Live' (Thursday 29th June 2023 | 09:30 - 10:30 | Online)

This interactive session will bring SWMAS, key stakeholders, Barometer respondents, and other UK manufacturing business leaders together to:

  • discuss the latest findings
  • find collaborative ways to overcome challenges

Hear from firms who have adopted an innovative approach to challenges, and learn how other manufacturers are addressing current issues to see if these strategies would work within your own business...

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