South West Manufacturing Barometer Report (Q3 2021)

Surveyed in January 2022 - Covering October, November, and December 2021

This report highlights the recent performance and confidence levels of SME manufacturers across the South West of England and explores how this differs from the national picture.

The special focus; Manufacturing the Future – 2022 and Beyond, followed up on the supply chain, recruitment, and resource challenges raised in recent Barometer reports, to help uncover how regional  businesses plan to progress. 

What does this quarter's report reveal?

  • Retaining customers and improving productivity are top priorities for an overwhelming 95% of the regional businesses surveyed  
  • Many are focusing on ways to mitigate current recruitment challenges, with 91% planning to upskill their existing workforce - up 8% compared to the national report 
  • 80% of South West respondents expect a shortage of skilled staff to negatively impact their business - 9% higher than reported nationally

The full South West Report can  be accessed below...

Manufacturing Barometer (Q3 2021) - South West Report.pdf