National Manufacturing Barometer - July 2023 (Q1 23/24)

July's report offers valuable insights into how the growing low carbon/green technology market could impact SME firms across the UK manufacturing industry.

Key Findings...

  • 72% have already considered using low carbon alternatives/green technologies within their manufacturing processes
  • Over half (54%) see potential opportunities but are unsure where their business fits within this market
  • Compared to other countries, 89% don't think the UK is doing enough to attract large scale investors for manufacturing green technologies

Also included in this publication...
See 'Core Trends' (sales, profit, staff numbers, and capital investments) and future aspirations from SME manufacturing business leaders. We have also included good news stories from some of the firms who responded to this quarter's survey.

READ THE FULL REPORT -  National Manufacturing Barometer (July 2023).pdf


Over 90% of UK manufacturing firms are small or medium-sized (SME)...therefore, input from these businesses is vital to help highlight opportunities and challenges across the sector!
If you are a Business Leader for a UK SME manufacturing firm, click here for your invitiation to participate when the next Barometer survey goes live.