National Manufacturing Barometer Report (Q3 2021)


Thank you to all the SME businesses who contributed this quarter - each and every response helps to build an accurate picture of the UK's manufacturing industry.

Covering Oct, Nov, Dec 2021 - surveyed in Jan 2022

The special focus; Manufacturing the Future – 2022 and Beyond, followed up on the supply chain, recruitment, and resource challenges raised in recent Barometer reports, to help us uncover how businesses plan to progress. 

This quarter’s report reveals that:

  • Supply chain disruption, raw material costs, and longer lead times are still having a negative impact on around 90% of respondents
  • Despite current challenges, the future is positive for 71% who expect sales to increase over the next six months
  • Customer retention was the top priority (cited by 96% of respondents) closely followed by 93% planning to focus on 'improving productivity' and 91% looking to 'increase marketing and sales activity'

The full report can be accessed below...

Manufacturing Barometer (Q3 2021) - National Report.pdf