Digital Transformation - the future of manufacturing

Digital transformation (also referred to as Industry 4.0) is the adoption of digital technology to improve efficiency, value, or innovation through its implementation.

Today, many manufacturers across the UK recognise that adopting digital technologies presents new opportunities to improve their business.

However, many struggle when it comes to kickstarting their digital transformation journey - who can they talk to? What resources are available? And, most common of all...

How do they get started?

This is not surprising, as the pace of growth in technology has spawned a wide range of new devices, tools, systems, apps, products, and skills in such a short space of time.  
All this change can understandably leave business leaders feeling overwhelmed and confused about what is appropriate for their own specific needs. Furthermore, regardless of the size or nature of the business, most manufacturers will have different starting points and requirements, so it is important to recognise these and develop a bespoke plan for success.

SWMAS advisors are now fully equipped to help manufacturers progress their digital transformation!

SWMAS is dedicated to upskilling staff...providing frequent training to enhance the team's capabilities so they can offer exceptional support to the businesses they work with.
The delivery team recently completed a two-day Industry 4.0 training programme with the West of England Institute of Technology to build on their existing skills and experience. This gave them a deeper understanding of how the latest technology developments can assist individual businesses, and positively impact the future of manufacturing.

As a result of the team completing this training, SWMAS is proud to have been presented with a Certificate of Future Technologies Award in recognition of its 'outstanding commitment to Workforce Development'...

Claire Arbery, Director at the West of England Institute of Technology, presenting SWMAS's award for outstanding commitment to Workforce Development.
Claire Arbery, Director at the West of England Institute of Technology, presenting SWMAS's award to Nick Golding, Managing Director

Introducing SIRI...

As part of SWMAS's upskilling plan, Nick (pictured above) and Team Leader Nik Brown have also completed a five-day SIRI (Smart Industry Readiness Index) Assessor Training Programme to become fully certified SIRI Assessors!
An internationally recognised assessment, and the world’s first independent digital maturity assessment for manufacturers, SIRI provides a suite of frameworks and tools to help businesses start, scale, and sustain manufacturing transformation.

This short video explains more about SIRI, and how certified assessors like Nick and Nik can help you decode the jargon to understand which technology is right for your business...

"All of this training and expertise ensures our team can focus on the key areas of development for manufacturers and enables us to build an individual digital transformation action plan, with step-by-step activities to get the business started on their journey. We can offer support to every business – whether this is an introductory discussion to understand current ambitions and identify the first steps, through to comprehensive assessments that measure the business’ current digital maturity."

Photo of Nik Brown, SWMAS Manufacturing Specialist and Team Leader

Nik Brown
SWMAS Manufacturing Specialist and Team Leader


To learn more about digital transformation and how SWMAS can help, please get in touch.