Operational Leadership Programme

Date — 
4th January 2024
Time — 
Venue — 
Somerset Energy Innovation Centre (SEIC), Bridgwater, TA6 4FJ
Cost — 
£2000 per person
Summary — 


This course has been specifically designed to develop key personnel in frontline supervision and management roles to support the needs of the business and its people.
Delivered over several months, this in-depth learning is particularly suited to those stepping into a leadership role for the first time, offering them the framework and practical toolkit needed to tackle some of the most common barriers to sustainable growth. 

What’s included?

Firstly, each delegate will conduct a DISC psychometric behavioural profile to help them determine their own individual traits and behaviours, and understand how this differs from their team members (this is vital learning to help them adopt successful communication strategies and become a more effective leader). 

DISC results will underpin each delegate’s individual learning journey to ensure they can effectively apply this knowledge in the workplace. Throughout the course, a number of additional theories and models are taught through face-to-face facilitated learning sessions, to help delegates:

  • Develop technical, operational skills to identify process improvements
  • Recognise when behaviours in the team can lead to ‘leadership slump’ (where individuals and behaviours revert or regress to previous positions held in the business)
  • Create their own bespoke framework for personal growth 

Delegates will apply knowledge gained throughout the programme to identify, develop, and plan an improvement project that can be implemented within their own organisation to result in tangible business benefits. 
On the last day, all delegates will have the opportunity to share details of their project with peers and line managers via a short presentation that outlines their objectives, activities, and expected results. This is also a chance to reflect on their personal leadership journey, gain valuable insights, and increase confidence.

The Leadership Development Journey…

An  image showing each stage of the leadership development journey included in this training programme.

Business Benefits...

As a result of this learning, delegates will:

Design and develop a meaningful improvement project that targets
key areas of the business, and leads to valuable time and cost savings.

Be empowered to look beyond
their own scope of responsibility

to diagnose and measure activity against business targets and KPIs.


Be able to confidently communicate,
plan, and lead others to achieve measurable business benefits.


Benefit from ‘experiential learning’ ...interacting and supporting one another beyond each session.


Programme Venues and Dates...

Somerset Energy Innovation Centre (SEIC), Bristol Road, Bridgwater, TA6 4FJ

Sessions run on Thursdays on the following dates:

  • 4th Jan 2024
  • 18th Jan 2024
  • 1st Feb 2024
  • 15th Feb 2024
  • 29th Feb 2024
  • 14th March 2024
  • 28th March 2024

Bespoke, onsite delivery is also available...

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