The West of England Aerospace Forum (WEAF) champions the interests of aerospace and defence companies.  The South West is home to one of the largest concentration of aerospace and defence activities in Europe and the largest cluster in the UK, with its local supply chain supporting 14 of the world’s leading aerospace / defence companies. 

WEAF’s aim is to facilitate future competitiveness and growth of the aerospace industry in the region. Our vision is to enhance the position of the South West as the most capable and competitive region in the world.

WEAF is a membership organisation and supports its members with access to growth and funded projects such as the Aerospace and Advanced Engineering iNet and NATEP to facilitate business growth, competitiveness and innovation in the region.  In addition we offer Networking Events, Training, fully managed and supported presence at National and International Airshows such as Farnborough and Paris, Collaboration with Knowledge Base Universities and Professional Services including money saving opportunities.

WEAF also supports and encourages other appropriate partners to engage in its projects. It believes it important that those in the aerospace and defence industry also commit their own resources so that all involved have a stake in ensuring future mutual success. This approach enables WEAF to maintain a small core team to ensure appropriate cross industry co-operation and identify new strategic opportunities.

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