Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credits

If you have created or improved products, processes, services or materials in the last two years this will almost certainly be classed as R&D, meaning you could qualify for a tax rebate.

To date, our clients have claimed approximately £6.8m in R&D Tax Credits

R&D Tax Credits offer a significant cash boost for many of our manufacturing clients, but many are missing out. You might be surprised that there is a significant gap between the 94% of companies who say R&D is important to them and the 20% that claim.

We have successfully supported many manufacturers, across a wide range of industries to secure R&D tax credits:

Industry Successful R&D Claim Value
Structural Steel Fabricator £200,000+
Furniture Maker £100,000+
Precision Machinist £50,000+
Retail Electronics Manufacturer £40,000+
Candle Maker £30,000+
Painter £10,000+


Imagine what an R&D Tax Credit payment could mean to your business. That cash could spark the next big project or fund the final push in creating something remarkable.


Qualifying companies can claim up to 33p for every £1 spent

Our tax specialists say that 80% of businesses who do claim R&D Tax Credits say they're important to the overall financial position of their company. But these claimants only make up 20% of those who are eligible to receive the rebate. More might claim if they knew what R&D is and if they knew they were eligible.


Are you eligible to claim R&D Tax Credits?

We can help you determine if you carry out R&D, and by how much you might benefit. Make use of:

  • A free consultation with a SWMAS Manufacturing Specialist
  • An introduction to our R&D Tax team
  • A simple process to ensure a successful claim (current success rate of 100% on submitted claims to HMRC)

Read, too, our useful guide on How to spot R&D in your business -  How to spot R&D in your business.pdf

Find out how our independent specialists doubled R&D tax credit for Structural Metal Decks SMD case study - R&D Tax Credits.pdf


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