Manufacturing Resilience Programme

Build resilience by focusing on a number of key areas.
Our specialists can equip individuals with the tools and techniques needed to enhance their business by exploring each of the below subjects...

Resource-based Strategy

Examine and develop resources and capabilities to build a successful, short-term business strategy from the inside out (aimed at senior business leaders).


Customer Engagement to Protect and Grow Sales

Learn how to retain, and increase demand from existing customers, and generate new sales opportunities to promote future business growth.


Building Capable Processes

Learn more about Lean and Six Sigma; two widely recognised and highly regarded methods of process improvement. Understand how they differ from each other, and when to use each approach within your business.


Leadership Development

Strong leadership is an important asset for any business. Our specialists can help you develop your capability, capacity, and confidence to lead your teams successfully.


Employee Engagement

Employee engagement and welfare are essential to the success of any business. What motivates your people? What concerns do they currently have? What are their needs and how can you get the most out of them? Learn valuable insights and the actions you need to consider to fully engage your workforce.


Lean Tools for Success

Explore the five key 'Lean' principles, and learn practical ways of embedding these successfully within your business.


Design Best Practice

Effective product design needs buy-in from multiple areas of the business and is key to a company's success. Explore what drives great design, and understand how incorporating this can achieve significant competitive advantage.


Problem Solving for Continuous Improvement

Learn how to make small, but powerful, changes for positive results that benefit your business.  


Successful Change in Challenging Times

Change management has become one of the most critical success factors for any business in today's fast-paced world. Learn how to develop a structured process to successfully manage and implement change, and ensure your business can adapt accordingly to seize new opportunities and satisfy your customers' ever-changing needs.


Can we help you with anything else?

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The SWMAS Manufacturing Resilience Programme is supported by ERDF, and available to small and medium-sized manufacturing companies across the South West