Make it Net Zero - for a smooth transition to a carbon neutral business

The race to net zero is on - make sure your business is ready!
If you are an SME manufacturer based in the South West of England, this funded* support programme from SWMAS will offer your business valuable advice and guidance at every stage of your net zero journey.

What does net zero actually mean? In simple terms, net zero refers to the balance between the volume of greenhouse gas produced and removed from the atmosphere – we reach net zero when the amount we add is completely offset by the amount we take away.

The UK government has a target to bring all UK greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050!

The Make it Net Zero Programme from SWMAS can help your business hit this target...

A SWMAS Low Carbon Specialist will work with you to:

 Complete a detailed review and diagnostic of your business’s current position

 Provide the relevant help and support that enables you to capture your company’s carbon footprint

 Facilitate a bespoke ‘Action Plan’ to tackle the specific priority areas identified for your individual business

 Offer ongoing help and support to tackle the additional actions identified to help you reach your net zero goals

What's included?

 Access to simple, user friendly tools that will allow you to measure your business’s carbon footprint and set measurable improvement actions

 A personalised ‘Action Plan’ to identify, implement, and measure relevant, and achievable, improvements

 One to one specialist support, including access to clean growth/net zero industry experts

 Facilitated networking opportunities, allowing like-minded businesses to address common themes through effective collaboration

 The chance to share best practice knowledge and benefit from valuable peer to peer learning

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Topics covered within this programme...

Throughout the course of the programme, you will learn more about each of the following subjects.

Carbon Foot Printing

The measurement of carbon emissions caused
directly and indirectly by your organisation under Scope
1 & 2 of the GreenHouse Gas (GHG) protocol


Low carbon market insights

Relevant market opportunities (i.e., electric vehicle supply chain,      renewable energy, carbon capture etc).

Energy and Resource Efficiency

Using fewer resources to create the same or improved product,
process or service.

Marketing and Promotion

How to effectively publicise your green credentials. 

Circular Economy

A model of production and consumption that involves sharing,
reusing, repairing, refurbishing, and recycling existing materials
and products to extend their life cycle.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

Practices and policies intended to have a positive influence on the world.

Eco Design

Using fewer resources to produce goods and services that have
a minimum impact on the environment.


Increasing Employee Engagement:

How to get your workforce on board to support your net zero ambitions.

Offsetting/Sequestration Opportunities:

The various methods that are available to help balance your
carbon emissions.

Change management and team development techniques

A systematic approach to help employees adapt to changing goals, processes, and/or technologies.


Join a growing community of businesses who are making the net zero journey together!

*A limited number of fully funded spaces are available to SME businesses based in eligible regions of the South West...
Register your interest today to see if you are eligible!

Confused by low carbon terminology?
We can help you de-code net zero jargon, share common Q&As, and uncover useful information on this highly topical subject...

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As a business actively supporting others on their journey to net zero, SWMAS is proud to have pledged to reduce our own greenhouse gas emissions as a RACE TO ZERO partner.  
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