SWMAS Carbon Literacy Training

In August 2021, SWMAS pledged to halve its emissions by 2030, and reach net zero by 2050. To enable us to achieve this, we have made changes to our operations, the way we work, and how we act.

In order for us to help other business, we recognised that we needed to become a more carbon literate organisation.

The entire SWMAS team has now been through carbon literacy training which focused on:

  • Understanding the changes happening around the world
  • The effects of climate change, and the results if we don’t act now
  • Assessing our own carbon footprint
  • Learning the skills to reduce our own emissions and how to help others

To turn theory into action, each member of staff made their own individual pledge alongside a company one. This included raising awareness, reducing business travel emissions, and changing the way we market our services (how carbon friendly our website is, use of fully recycled paper etc).

Since then, the SWMAS team has been able to help businesses embark on their net zero journey, providing practical advice, highlighting ways to reduce emissions, raising staff awareness, and identifying how they can help as individuals.

Last month, we were also proud to report over 12,000 tonnes of potential carbon savings as a result of support through the Make it Net Zero Programme.

If you would like to find out how we can help your business reduce it’s carbon impact get in touch...