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This programme will help your business...

Lower energy costs
through increased
efficiency and energy management.

Meet customers' net zero expectations to stand out from the competition.

Pro-actively implement necessary change
ahead of future


We have already identified over 14,000 tonnes of carbon savings...

That's the equivalent of 7,770 flights from London to New YorkOr...charging 1.7 billion smartphones on a standard electricity tariff.Or...travelling around the world 2,100 times in a diesel car.

Your Make it Net Zero Journey with SWMAS in four simple steps...

Step 1: Review your starting point 
Meet your dedicated, net zero specialist to explore the carbon impact of existing business processes.
Step 2: Understand your current benchmark position
Your specialist will use a verified carbon foot printing tool to generate an in-depth report which will provide a benchmark for improvement.
Step 3: Prioritise actions for effective carbon reduction 
Identify the areas of focus that will results in the most significant carbon (and cost) reductions to prioritise and implement immediate improvements.
Step 4: Ongoing improvements
Work with your specialist to develop a bespoke action plan and timeline to help your business progress towards its net zero goals.


"This programme helped us identify achievable commercial benefits (including bottom line savings), increase customer engagement, and find new revenue streams... all whilst doing our bit for the environment."  NICK PALMER  Managing Director  EPS Services and Tooling "Working with SWMAS made the net zero process painless. The team provided clear and concise support throughout, which enabled us to get our Carbon Reduction Accreditation within two months."  TONY NEWBOLD  Technical & Commercial Manager Magma Moulding

Join a growing community of regional firms who are making the net zero journey together...

If you're confused by 'Net Zero' terminology...our Low Carbon Information Hub will de-code the jargon, provide the answers to commonly asked questions, and uncover a wealth of other useful information, training, and resources.

As energy prices continue to rise, there are some simple steps you can take to help manage this growing here to read more