Make it Net Zero - for a smooth transition to a carbon neutral business

The race to 'net zero' is on - make sure your business is ready!

What does net zero actually mean? In simple terms, net zero refers to the balance between the volume of greenhouse gas produced and removed from the atmosphere – we reach net zero when the amount we add is completely offset by the amount we take away.

The government has a target to bring all UK greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050!

This funded* programme from SWMAS offers practical, easy to follow steps to help your business reach this goal.
Experienced, net zero specialists will work with you to...

 Capture your current carbon footprint (using an accredited tool that is recognised by the UN's Race to Zero Programme)

 Identify priority improvements (in line with your business capabilities and objectives)

 Create a bespoke Action Plan and Timeline of short, medium, and long-term carbon and cost savings 

 Implement future improvements as you progress towards your net zero goals

You will also have the chance to attend facilitated networking sessions so you can share knowledge with other like-minded business leaders, and address common themes through a collaborative approach.

This Programme has already helped a number of organisations cut carbon and plan further improvements (read more) - click the button below to join a growing community of regional firms who are making the net zero journey together...

*A limited number of fully funded spaces are available for eligible SME businesses based in the South West of England.

Are you confused by 'Net Zero' terminology?

Our Low Carbon Information Hub will de-code the jargon, provide the answers to commonly asked questions, and uncover a wealth of other useful information, training, and resources to help you progress your net zero journey.