Hinkley Supply Chain Programme Events


What ever stage you are at on your journey towards potentially supplying the Hinkley Point C (HPC) project, the Hinkley Supply Chain Programme offers a variety of half day workshops covering key subjects: 


Helping you to decide if supplying Hinkley Point C is right for you:

  • Introduction to HPC: introduction and update on the HPC project, supply chain structure and contract information from EDF BOOK NOW:  13th November 2019, Somerset
  • Opportunity Briefings: held as and when new opportunities arise on site – aimed at companies with specific relevant capabilities to encourage them to consider opportunities within HPC MORE DETAILS SOON
  • HPC Project Updates: keeping companies informed about the latest project developments MORE DETAILS SOON


Providing specific project knowledge to companies with a registered interest in Hinkley Point C:

  • Effective Collaboration: designed to stimulate and guide suppliers regarding when to consider collaborating with other companies to strengthen their offer by providing more capacity and capability, whilst also growing sales and reducing costs MORE DETAILS SOON
  • Routes to Market: an outline of current and pipeline opportunities, including relevant Tier 1, 2, and 3 level contract requirements BOOK NOW:  21st November 2019, Bristol
  • Planning and Bidding: a brief overview of the key factors of a successful bid, including all processes within the bidding structure BOOK NOW:  15th January 2020, Pontypridd
  • An Introduction to ISO Accreditations:  further understand what they are, what they contain, and how to select the right ISO for your business.  We will cover timetables, costs, and next steps for accreditation, and how achieveing an ISO can benefit you business above and beyond Hinkley Point C BOOK NOW:  29th October 2019, Bristol


Bid Preparation

Outlining key requirements based on project needs:

  • Pre-Qualification - Best Practice: an outline of the Pre-Qualification procedure from the clients’ perspective, including planning, management, and successful completion BOOK NOW:  7th November 2019, Pontypridd
  • Operating Under NEC3 Contracts: what they are, their structure and main factors, including communications, early warnings, payments, risk register, and compensation events BOOK NOW: 16th October 2019, Somerset
  • Risk Factors - Pricing for Nuclear: how to recognise risk factors, and be competitive and compliant when supplying the nuclear market
  • Understanding FIDIC Contracts: what they are, their structure and main factors, and how to operate effectively and compliantly within this contract structure MORE DETAILS SOON


Preparing to Deliver

Hinkley Point C specific hints and tips to help companies successfully fulfil nuclear contracts:

  • Introduction to Build in Quality: the essential tools and techniques required to deliver ‘right first time’ MORE DETAILS SOON
  • Project Management: discover important principles of successful project management, including planning, implementation, team roles and responsibilities, and how to recognise and resolve project management gaps MORE DETAILS SOON
  • Managing Customer Communication: the importance of keeping your customer informed, and how to decide what is relevant to them throughout contract delivery MORE DETAILS SOON