The questions below are frequently asked of the Hinkley Supply Chain Programme team when we meet with local companies to discuss Hinkley Point C (HPC) - read on to uncover the answers...


HPC Nuclear New Build: Common Misconceptions of Potential Suppliers


1.  I have previously worked in the nuclear sector so why do I need to know more for HPC?

As a next generation nuclear new build programme, HPC project values, standards and behaviours exceed previous nuclear requirements. To join the HPC Supply Chain, companies must demonstrate understanding of customer specific stipulations for this project. You may also want to consider completing the HPC Supplier Induction Programme.

2.  Haven't all HPC contracts been awarded to large multi-national companies?

No. There are many contracts still to be awarded throughout the many tiers of the Supply Chain, and this will be the case throughout the build process. We are here to help you uncover possible routes to market, advise indicative timescales for your particular capabilities, and get you ready to take advantage of the lucrative opportunities a project like this can offer. 


3.  Why should I invest now when possible opportunities to supply HPC are still years away?

The opportunities can be upon you faster that you anticipate, and when they're offered to you it is important that you are ready to respond. It takes time to get your business ready. You will be in a much stronger position if you understand and are working to the standards, accreditations, and processes required for HPC by the time the opportunity is there for you. We can help you to identify the gaps within your business and the timescales required to address them. It's never too early to plan for future prospects!


4.  Why do I need to respond to information requests? Hasn't the customer got all the info they need about my business already?

You may be asked for additional or supporting information at any stage of the tendering process. Do not assume that the customer knows everything about your company's capabiliies. Remember, all information requests from potential customers are a chance to promote your business - use them wisely!


5.  Should I compete or collaborate with my competitors?

Never underestimate the benefits of collaborating. Joining forces can increase capacity and capability to take on contracts which could otherwise have been out of reach for companies working alone.


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