The Growth Hub in Gloucestershire

The Growth Hub in Gloucestershire provides independent diagnosis and referrals to existing business support services. It is the first point of contact for businesses in the Gfirst LEP area wishing to develop and grow. The service works in partnership with existing local and national business support services and will help firms to access the right support and to remain in touch with them to ensure that firms are getting the support that they need. The Growth Hub also aims to inspire, motivate and inform those who are about to take the plunge and launch their own business, as well as supporting those who have already embarked on their start-up journey.

There is a wide-range of support on offer, including: the Business Navigator service, which works closely with businesses and individuals to understand their needs, goals and aspirations and identify challenges and areas of growth potential; signposting and referring businesses to local and national  support providers; the Business Guide service which works with high growth potential businesses on a more in-depth level to develop a tailored growth plan; the provision of online and telephone services; and the provision of work or meeting space within the Hub and connectivity to resident support organisations.

The Gloucestershire Growth Hub is provided by Gfirst as part of the GFirst LEP (Gloucestershire’s Local Enterprise Partnership), which brings together businesses to make the county successful and create jobs. It is led by the business community in partnership with voluntary, education and public sectors to help Gloucestershire realise its economic potential. 

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