The national Manufacturing Barometer Report for Q2 2021 highlights how staff retention and recruitment challenges are affecting SME manufacturers.
Whether they are still in recovery mode or experiencing business growth, these issues are impacting operations and making it difficult to keep up with current customer demand. As well as competing for customers, businesses are also experiencing tough competition from other employers looking to recruit from the same pool of potential staff. 

Make sure your business can retain and recruit the right people!
To help address current staff and skills shortages, SWMAS is offering you the chance to take part in this new fully funded* programme of support...

Employee Retention and Recruitment Series - helping South West manufacturers address staff and skills shortages

Benefit from this valuable learning to help ensure the future success and continued sustainability of your business!
Each of the following online sessions will guide you through a key area of focus…

Step One: Employee Engagement 

Businesses that place a high focus on Employee Engagement consistently achieve better results than those that do not!
This session offers practical tips and techniques to help you increase enthusiasm and commitment from your team(s).

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Step Two: Leadership for Engagement and Productivity 

Effective leadership is your business’s greatest tool when it comes to motivating and engaging your workforce.
This learning will help you inspire your team(s) to maximise productivity, enhance creativity, and improve staff retention. The result? Greater flexibility and resources within your business.

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Step Three: Delivering Effective Processes | Thurs 9th Dec 2021 | 10:00 - 11:00 | Online

There has never been a better time to maximise efficiency within your organisation!
An introduction to Lean and Six Sigma, this session will offer a valuable understanding of these two widely recognised, and highly regarded, process improvement methods, and help you identify when to use each approach within your business.

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Step Four: Robotics & Automation Solutions | Early 2022 (Date and Time to be confirmed)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being adopted by an increasing number of UK manufacturers and could offer a potential solution to future recruitment challenges!
In fact, analysis indicates that technology could replace up to 15,000 positions by 2039. This webinar will offer an exciting look into technological advancements and help you understand how adopting automation could positively impact your own business…

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*This support, delivered by SWMAS,  is fully funded for eligible small and medium-sized businesses across the South West - Click below to find out more about the support available in your area:

Cornwall | Devon | Dorset | Gloucestershire | Somerset | Swindon and Wiltshire | West of England