Develop strong leaders and unlock the potential within your workforce… 
Offering employees an opportunity for structured career progression increases engagement and motivation, whilst also providing a number of business benefits.

Recent events have led to a reactionary approach to leadership; crisis mode…followed by several political and economic issues which have continued to hinder progress. 

A lack of skilled staff has certainly impacted the manufacturing sector, as revealed in the most recent Barometer Report. These quarterly reports capture insight from the UK’s SME manufacturing business leaders and identify the challenges they continue to face. Issues are currently far-reaching, with inflation, supply chain price changes, and energy costs also having a negative impact on many businesses.

The widely reported skills shortage is an ongoing problem, with previous reports also highlighting fundamental challenges around attracting, developing, and retaining talent across the manufacturing industry.
The image below shows the percentage of Barometer respondents who said they were unable to recruit staff back in October 2021...

Image of stats from Oct 2021 Barometer Report (linked to report)

“60% of respondents have lost skilled staff since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and almost three quarters said they are unable replace these employees. This points to a significant skills gap that could drastically impact recovery and growth for the manufacturing sector.” SOURCE: Q2 2021 NATIONAL MANUFACTURING BAROMETER REPORTImage of stats from Oct 2021 Barometer Report (linked to report)

Almost 18 months on, over three-quarters of SME manufacturers are still struggling with the availability of skilled staff*. In an attempt to overcome this challenge, many proactive businesses will turn to nurturing and developing these latent skills in their current workforce.

The success of any business relies heavily on its people.
In recognition of this need, the Operational Leadership Programme from SWMAS combines face-to-face training with project-based improvement activity to develop internal staff and directly impact the business’s bottom line result. It helps individuals develop positive leadership behaviours to increase credibility and give them the confidence to step up to business challenges...

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*Source: National Manufacturing Barometer Report – January 2023