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Since Bright Solicitors was established in 2006, the business has grown to become one of the leading solicitors in Plymouth, offering both business and personal legal advice to clients.

Net zero ambitions...
Following significant growth over recent years, Bright Solicitors recognised a need to expand premises to house its growing team, and wanted to ensure that future carbon emissions are monitored and kept to a minimum. As it adapts, the business is keen to continually address its wider environmental impact and progress to become one of the first law firms in Plymouth to achieve net zero. 

Despite these ambitions, the business didn’t know how to approach carbon footprinting; and understood that they would need advice and guidance in this area. A simple process was required, to help them develop a clear strategy with achievable actions that would help them reduce carbon in easy to manage steps.

After reading about the Make it Net Zero programme on SWMAS’s website, the business felt it would offer the relevant support needed to help them measure and calculate emissions, as well as identifying and implementing further net zero improvements.

Bright Solicitors’ net zero journey with SWMAS…
To commence support, the SWMAS net zero specialist carried out an initial diagnostic to identify key areas of focus and create a plan to help the business implement positive improvements. Completing a detailed Carbon Footprint Analysis Report highlighted current business emissions to help prioritise areas of maximum impact.

In the legal sector, there is a high volume of printed documentation which has a significant environmental impact. Therefore, it was agreed that addressing this issue was a key focus and plans are now underway to adopt a digital portal, which is hoped to significantly reduce paper use.

The Make it Net Zero programme also helped the business calculate the volume of carbon being emitted through remote working, and highlighted ways this could be reduced going forward. The specialist also recommended that Bright Solicitors look into additional scope 3 emissions as part of their long-term plan, and will continue to work with them as their journey progresses.

Future net zero plans…

  Cut paper usage 50% by 2024 (Saving 2,413 Kg of CO2e*).

  Look to procure 100% Renewable energy contracts (expected to save 1,784 Kg of CO2e within 12 months).

  Monitor all business travel (car/train/plane) and invest in EV pool cars for employees.

  Continue to monitor homeworking for further carbon savings.

  Start to measure additional scope 3** carbon impact (i.e., waste in operation, employee commuting). 

  Engage with entire supply chain to encourage further carbon savings.


* CO2e: wider than just carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, this term is used to describe all of the different greenhouse gases in a common unit.

** what is meant by scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions…


“Brights have identified a range of carbon reduction opportunities through the resources they use. It’s great to see them now building on this and developing clear strategic plans and policies. This will help them position themselves as a beacon to both their customers and other businesses. Congratulations on their accreditation and we will be supporting them as they continue their journey.”

Paul Gilbert
SWMAS Make it Net Zero Programme Lead


This support was delivered by SWMAS, through Make it Net Zero (Plymouth), which is funded by Plymouth City Council for small and medium-sized businesses based in Plymouth.