With support from SWMAS, Absolute PR and Marketing has achieved one of the lowest CO2e footprints in the South West! 
Keen to progress its net zero transition, this Devon-based agency connected with SWMAS for help to identify and implement meaningful change that would lower business emissions.

The Challenge…
The business needed a measured carbon footprint and net zero action plan to underpin its sustainability focus and vision. 

However, as is the case for many other businesses, the management team were confused by the plethora of net zero information and the complex task of accurately capturing emissions data. 

As a busy SME, they were concentrating on day-to-day tasks, and recognised a need for additional support so they could make significant progress, whilst also focusing on other business priorities. 

Using the proven, and straightforward, Make it Net Zero approach, SWMAS assessed the business’s low carbon achievements so far to understand its starting point.
The next step was to determine the firm’s existing emissions to set achievable objectives for improvement. Absolute PR provided relevant usage data including energy bills and business mileage records, which SWMAS then analysed to calculate the business’s current carbon footprint.

From this benchmark position, SWMAS developed an externally accredited net zero plan which outlined short, medium, and long-term actions. These were determined by impact and cost factors, but also took the business’s current commitments into account to ensure all actions were realistic and in line with the company’s overall strategy and future ambitions.

Absolute PR also attended a workshop hosted by SWMAS, to understand the practical next steps towards net zero, and share best practice and experiences with other like-minded businesses on the programme. 

Aims and Objectives…

Renewable energy procurement
Continue to procure 100% renewable energy, and explore and invest in renewable technologies (i.e., solar and battery storage). 

Create employee incentives for green travel 
(i.e., walk to work days, car sharing).

Reduce business miles
Move meetings online where possible.

Recycling waste
Including computers and other electronic equipment.

Keep Carbon Footprint Data live
Measure all future/additional emissions 
and waste to ensure it is always up-to-date.

Replace company owned vehicles
with electric alternatives.

Assess supply chain’s low carbon credentials (Scope 3)
Continually examine ways to further reduce carbon
wherever possible.

Use high-quality and verified offsetting schemes
to balance any carbon that cannot be completely removed
(long-term objective, by 2050).


Achievements so far...

Company footprint reduced to less than 127kg per employee 
(significantly lower than the average of 1000kg per employee).

Benchmark emissions reduced by 20% in the first 12 months.

Renewable energy procurement: electricity from 100% renewable sources, heating from a biomass boiler and water from an on-site spring.

Significant reduction in business mileage.


The power of promotion... 

SWMAS supported Absolute PR with facts and statistics to help them create powerful PR messaging that promotes and celebrates the business’s achievements so far, and its future net zero ambitions. SWMAS also contributed information for use in the team’s compelling, inaugural Environmental and Social Impact Report, which showcases its achievements and will assist with:

communicating the business’s low carbon credentials.

encouraging and inspiring clients to progress their own
net zero journey



"It’s been a pleasure to work with SWMAS
as we commenced our exciting transition
to becoming a net zero business. The sound advice and support we have received from SWMAS along the way has been invaluable
as whilst there’s lots of information widely available, it can be confusing and inaccurate. 




We’re really grateful to have Paul’s expert
advice on all things net zero to provide
clarity and direction. 

“We look forward to building on our
achievements and helping clients to
embark on and communicate progress
of their own net zero journey.”

Rachael Whitson
Managing Director
Absolute PR and Marketing Ltd


This support was delivered by SWMAS via our Make it Net Zero Programme, and funded through the Somerset Energy Innovation Centre and the Heart of the South West (HotSW) LEP.